About Us


We hold close to our hearts the archetypal stories of Wild Woman, the power of rituals, the esoteric, astrology, Tarot and phases of the Moon.
We believe that by honoring these practices, we can co-create safe spaces for self-exploration, higher learning, self-acceptance, healing, and creative expression.
Spirit & Co. offers Tarot & Astrology services, and we are passionate about creating muses for meditation, little rituals and momentary pauses; charms that remind us to claim time and space for ourselves; and ways in which we can honor authenticity.
Our vision is to help inspire dreams and manifest; we hope to invoke the dreamer and the magician within; a place to meet your divine and your wild.
Shop online or book Tarot & Astrology readings at www.spiritandco.ca! We offer personalized services and group rates.