Taurus Full Moon October 24, 2018 - Self-Love, Respect & Honour; These Are Your Treasures

Take a minute to read this if you’re feeling the effects of this Taurus Full Moon. This Full Moon is an auspicious one for so many reasons. First of all, we have the Sun in Scorpio opposing Moon and Uranus in Taurus and it is squaring off with the North Node all at zero degrees. Uranus has not been in the sign of Taurus for decades. This will be the Moon’s formal introduction for Uranus in Taurus. The early degrees symbolize the sign’s raw and unrefined nature. The Full Moon (Sun, Moon, Uranus, North Node) are ALL sitting at zero degrees. Uranus is going to shake. shit. up. If you were looking for a fresh start - here it is!

Taurus symbolizes our need for security while Scorpio opposes this energy with primal desire. The energies are opposite because they threaten the nature of one another. Yet, though Taurus and Scorpio are opposites, both energies are required to bring into balance our need for security paired with the need to satiate our deepest desires. The Full Moon is inviting us to acknowledge what security feels like and question whether or not our drive for security is balanced with our drive for desire, sex, power and going after what we want.

Taurus is the ruler of money, values, and self-worth. For most of us, security needs are intrinsically associated with the concept that more money = more security. We position money as a kind of God or deity and pray at the altar of financial institutions, the stock market, well-paying jobs, and ‘secure’ relationships. Does staying at the job you hate to make you feel secure? Does withholding your feelings from your partner make you feel safe? Do expensive things give you a greater sense of self-worth? Ask yourself, what is the cost of your security? Self-worth is not a commodity to be bought and sold, it is rooted somewhere in self-assurance, self-love, self-honor and respect. These are your treasures. These are the things that cannot be taken from you.

Opposing the Moon/Uranus conjunction is the Sun in the sign of Scorpio who will be joining a weakened Venus in retrograde. When we enter Scorpio’s domain, we are entering the realm of life and death; change and transformation. You may be invited now to let go of a false sense of security. Can you speak your Truth even if it means unraveling the threads of an already fragile tapestry?

Unfulfilled desires can cause unimaginable suffering. It is human nature to cling to a false sense of security despite knowing that nothing lasts forever. We are constantly reminded of the cycle of death and rebirth through nature, though many of us believe we can cheat the system. We cannot move forward without change. Change is just the way of things. When Uranus is invited to dance with La Luna, the planet of surprise and revolution will be sure to reawaken your true values.

If you are placing security over personal truth and fulfillment then the Full Moon will draw this up from the depths of your subconscious and pull it into the light of your consciousness. It's time to invite a little chaos into your life and see where everything lands. Whether it’s in your work, relationships, or value system, this Full Moon is inviting your honest review.