New Moon in Libra, October 9th 2018: Speak in Accordance With Your Own Truth & Judgement

Our Moon is in Libra - that sign of beauty, love, diplomacy and harmony. Libra speaks to the relationships that we hold, with ourself and those integrated in such a way that define our sense of self.

Today we enter a new six-month cycle that will mark the beginning of new relationships, business partnerships, contracts and balancing the scales.

The New Moon asks us today to speak in accordance with our own truth and judgement. We must put aside impartial and defensive modes of thinking in the relationships we value. We must accept and understand that every choice, no matter how minute, will have its consequence.

Libra’s ruler Venus is wheeling backwards in the sign of Scorpio. If balance cannot be achieved through diplomacy, it is very likely that she will deliver justice to her perpetrator through some form of punishment. Though Libra is notorious for keeping the peace, she must do what she must to balance her scales even if that means using Scorpio’s stinger.

This quote rings perfectly: "I'm somewhere in-between not wanting to be spiteful - because that's not who I am - but also feeling like maybe it's not about spite. Maybe it's just a matter of you needing to learn your lesson once and for all, and maybe I'm just the woman who is supposed to teach it to you." - Spilled Words.

Jaws dropped last week as we all watched the Kavanaugh hearings. Though these hearings were not trials, they opened discussions related to judgement, character and choices. Very ‘Libran’. Venus retrograde weakens the feminine energy and certainly points out (yet again) the systemic inequalities inherent in our world. As we bear witness to the collective injustices faced by so many marginalized groups, we’re all being asked to awaken, and flex our own judgement of what is fair and just.

If you have been waiting to begin something anew and it falls under Libra’s care this New Moon will give you the push you need to make your judgement and move forward.

Happy New Moon in Libra #♀