New Moon in Cancer: July 12, 2018

The constellation of Cancer represents the eternal hearth; a soft place to land, and a watery bed in which we can bare our emotions, nurture ourselves, and regenerate.

Cancer is equipped with a hard-shell --- a protective armor that provides a safe space to be vulnerable.

There is nothing weak about conjuring the strength to reveal our emotions. Cancer is a refuge; a home, and naturally inhabits the fourth house, which has been marked as a point in one's astrological chart of beginnings and endings. Cancer marks the physical and spiritual place from which we venture forth into the world; it is the place in which we return to when we need to rejuvenate emotionally.

The New Moon asks you to create a space of your own so that you may nurture the sensitive aspects of your being, wear your heart on your sleeve, and allow your vulnerabilities to pave the way for others to be vulnerable too.

Happy New Moon in Cancer!

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