Jupiter Goes Direct! July 9, 2018

“Jupiter is the largest of all the planets, aptly reflecting its principle of drawing us towards a sense of fullness and offering a grander, more expansive vision of reality. It expresses the qualities of abundance, freedom, growth, and fertility; broadening our horizons and bringing relief from the restraints that cause us to view the world in narrow, constricting terms. Its sense of liberation allows us to move, explore, think and act with greater acknowledgment of the power of our own self-will." Deborah Harding.

What has been delayed, or overlooked will once again draw your attention. Only this time, you can move forward with these energies - and perhaps with a little spring in your step.

Jupiter has been transiting the sign of Scorpio. The intense sign of the scorpion rules death, rebirth, sex, intimacy, power, the psyche, hidden thoughts and feelings, secrets, inheritances and other people's money. Yes, Scorpio's domain is intense and her ruler - Pluto - is equally powerful and transformative. Scorpio is a water sign, and when it comes to matters of intimacy, she urges us to follow our desires to the shores of the ocean, face our fears, and dive head-first into the deep ocean of intimacy. The raw power of Scorpio is nothing to trifle with. Scorpio has the capacity to heal and regenerate others, similar to the venom found inside the stinger of a scorpion when provided in small doses. Jupiter in this sign will continue to amplify and expand all things ‘Scorpio’ until he switches into his home sign of Sagittarius.

This kind of raw power can be used to help us face our deepest fears, venture into the farthest levels of our psyche, or, when mishandled, it can be used to destroy, manipulate and abuse. Where Scorpio and Pluto fall in our chart indicates where our power is. With this energy we can choose to use that power for good, to help others, or we can use it to serve only our own egos. Scorpio points its stinger at our deepest fears and reveals them ruthlessly. It shows where we exert our power - and where our power has been taken from us. Scorpio wants intimacy; and they want it at its greatest depths.

Happy Jupiter Direct!

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