Saturn Goes Direct September 6th, 2018

Today we have one less planet in retrograde! The great timekeeper Saturn moves forward in the sign of Capricorn after having spent nearly five months in reverse.
With Saturn retrograde, things begin to slow down. New obstacles arise. Self-confidence is tested. Commitments are challenged. New, greater responsibilities arise.
During this transit you may have asked yourself on more than one occasion: "What does it take to achieve [insert personal notion of success.]?" We must hold ourselves accountable to a dream or a vision in order to bring it down from the ethereal and manifest it here in the physical. We must roll up our sleeves and actually do the work. Saturn rewards practicality, tradition, blood, sweat and tears. Saturn's boundaries may feel restrictive, but they give us the framework to channel our energy and make it useful. Under Saturn's retrograde spell, you may have discovered fractures in certain areas of your life. You may have decided what is worth your time and effort and what is best to release and let go.
Saturn will need to retrace his steps. We can use these lessons to move forward with our lives and build real structures that stand the test of time.
For those of you born around 1985-89, Saturn has been putting a lot of pressure on your natal Neptune, forcing you to look at the ways in which we use certain coping mechanisms to 'escape' reality. Unfortunately, you can't stay there. Take what you can from your imaginative hideaway and bring it down to Earth. Saturn will ease off a bit now that he's no longer in retrograde.
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Sent with love.