New Moon in Leo August 11, 2018 - Do What Sets Your Soul On Fire

On August 11, 2018 the Sun and Moon will unite for a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in the fiery sign of Leo. As with any New Moon, we are given the cosmic green-light to breathe fresh air into the lungs of something new. It is a time for beginnings; a time to throw a penny in the wishing well.

This New Moon is influenced by several planets in retrograde. With that being said, we are encouraged to go inward, reflect, and resurrect that which we put on the shelf to be savored on another day.

Now is that day.

As with any planet touring the sign of Leo, we are asked now to draw our attention to the heart's will. We are asked to breathe the ultimate creative life-force into all that we do - and that is love. 

Here is a general Tarot Read for this New Moon in Leo.

The reading started with the pairing of 2 of Cups (Reversed) and the Knight of Pentacles. Many of you at this time may feel out of sync with the gifts that you feel you have to offer this world. Perhaps you've gotten too caught up in the mundane requirements of life, and you have lost sight of what truly sets your soul on fire. Temperance (Reversed) in the challenge position solidifies that you may feel out of balance. For some of you, you are over-committing your time to one area of your life. It could be that you are too focused on responsibility, or you may need to take some rain checks on the fun-fun times of Summer. 9 of Swords shows up when we feel anxious about a certain situation. Something may be keeping you up at night, or may be occupying your thoughts. Nine is a completion number. You may be at the end of a cycle that has been causing you mental anguish. Are you healing a broken heart? Are you trying to choose a direction for your life? 3 of Swords (Reversed),"A suspended heart can now begin to heal." Your heart chakra may be blocked and you have chosen reason over your heart's will. This New Moon is going to bring clarity on how to find a balance between the heart and the mind. The World / The Hierophant Reversed indicates that expansion will come about by going against the grain. New Moon in Leo is teaching you to honor your authenticity. Do not allow negative self-talk to keep you from pursuing your passions. And finally, The Four of WandsFive of Swords Reversed / Page of Pentacles indicates that you will have much to celebrate by staying true to your values. What was once at war within you can now work together in harmony.

The number 11 is an auspicious number. It is the number that best reflects the beautiful synchronizations of life. It is an affirmation that what you are doing and where you are at this time in your life is exactly where you're meant to be.

Happy New Moon in Leo!