Neptune Opposite Sun, September 7, 2018

With this transit you might feel yourself getting swallowed up in Neptune’s allure, the planet of dreams, illusions, cosmic-oneness and the ethereal. The day can feel hazy; directionless.

With any challenging aspect to Neptune, our minds can easily be tricked. Neptune can represent a mirage. The ancients symbolized Neptune’s Oceanic energy so perfectly in The Odyssey by Homer when the Sirens lured the men to their death with their song. The imagery of the sailors throwing themselves off the mast of the boat to pursue the Siren’s song - despite the fact that they knew the dangers - summarizes Neptunian energy so perfectly.

This transit might play out in a number of different ways. An example, you may be pursuing your own Siren’s song by romanticizing someone who deeply hurt you (or is currently hurting you). You may feel low on energy. Your mind may feel clouded and foggy. You may feel like you just can’t put your plans into motion. 

The Sun and Neptune have a very challenging time co-existing. Rose coloured glasses may be strong at this time. Are you allowing your dreams of the perfect ‘something’ (relationship, job, business partnership, friendship, relationship, money-making-opportunity, etc.) to cloud your judgement? Are you accepting someone for who they really are? Are you accepting a situation for what it really is - or are you projecting what you hope it could be? Are you hoping that someone can ‘complete’ you? With Neptune, we tend to put others on a pedestal - making the fall that much harder when they cannot live up to unrealistic expectations.

This is a beautiful time to connect with your intuition and to consider how you may be self-sabotaging. This is a glorious time to conjure a dream, meditate, and allow the nebulous energy of Neptune to swirl.

Give it time to form a star.

Remember this, beauty: alone, you are whole.

Let confusion lead the way.

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