Astrology Signs


(March 21st - April 19th) ARIES Aries, the ram, is the spark that breathes life into all things created. It is the starting point, the beginning. It is the sprout that springs forth from the winter snow. It is the 'something' out of 'nothing'. It is the primal urge to dominate, compete and survive. It is the 'kill or be killed' mentality. Aries acts on urge, impulse and desire. Aries, ruler of the first house, is our ego with a face: (s)he is the masculine energy in full-throttle, (s)he is the god of war. Aries is independent, competitive, enthusiastic, and magnetic. Like its ruling planet, Mars, an Aries can turn up the heat quickly. Aries asserts itself and its identity; is hot-tempered, yet quick to cool down. In the heat of the moment, an Aries must be careful with what he or she says. They can be quick to react, rather than respond. In doing so, they may hurt others' feelings with their unfiltered brashness. Aries never plays games, and what you see is what you get. They can sometimes struggle with authority, which often leads them to pursue leadership-type roles. They can lead, push and inspire others like no other sign and encourage others to live with the same vivacious passion that they do. A developed Aries knows how to control their own explosive, passionate and creative nature by transforming themselves into fire-starters.



(April 20th - May 20th) Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and is steady like a bull. Taurus rules the things that we have, our possessions, and our values. It is the sign that teaches us how to interact with our bodies on a sensual level, and represents how we utilize our five senses. After all, our bodies are one of the first tools that we use in this lifetime: it is our first borrowed 'possession'. Taurus is the epitome of security, stability, sensuality and luxury. This steady bull holds dominion over the material realm and all things that provide us with a steady sense of security. Have you ever tried to get a bull out of a barn? Well, most haven't but you can imagine how difficult it would be. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus loves all things sensual and indulgent, which is why a Taurus often works hard to incorporate these elements into their lives. It may be hard for a Taurus to let go of, or detach themselves from their possessions, both physically, mentally and spiritually speaking. This is because 'having' and 'accumulating' things brings Taurus a feeling of being 'safe'. Like a Cancer, Taurus has the tendency to hold onto things, people, and memories. As one of the fixed signs in the zodiac, once they make up their mind there's no turning back. Taurus can be unreasonably stubborn, but also loyal, dependable and persistent. A Taurus enjoys beautiful surroundings, with quality items that reflect their values. They have a deep connection to the Earth: it grounds them. Taurus has a long fuse, but once he or she sees red, look out. A Taurus never forgets.



(May 21st - June 20th) Language is one of the single most important tools that humankind has. We use language to connect, express, and tell stories: we use language to learn, communicate ideas and theories, and we use it to help us understand the world in which we live. Communication binds us to one another. It allows us to interact on complex levels and in meaningful ways. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and it ruled by quick-witted, messenger Mercury. The constellation of Gemini is indicated by the 'Twins' which represent the duality that must exist in all forms of communication. It is the polarity between self and other. Thinking and communications allows us to interact with ourselves, and with others, in both subjective and objective ways. Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning that it easily adapts to change. Geminis are easy to spot, they are quite often chatting up a storm on the telephone, or in the lineup at the grocery store. Geminis are the children, and the energy behind the million questions we have when seeking to understand something. A Gemini will learn a lot about everything, but sometimes little about one thing. Gemini rules the domain of siblings, neighbours, foundational learning, communications, writing, speaking, puzzles, games, communication-technology and commerce. A Gemini wants to learn about everything. Geminis have such powerful and inquisitive minds. They are fantastic at doing two things at once, and they are phenomenal with using their hands. Geminis are wickedly-intelligent and they are known for their incredible minds, curiosity, and desire to seek and to understand. Once they understand something, they move onto the next enigma. Geminis may be hard to pin-down, and sometimes downright flaky. Their insatiable desire to learn keeps them on the constant move for new information. A Gemini is not afraid of change, in fact, they often embrace it when things start to lose their flavour. The way to this airy-sign's heart is through a good conversation and relentless, playful flirtation. Gemini's make incredible writers and storytellers for their ability to marry their imagination and writing capabilities is unmatched by any of the other zodiac members. Gemini is the messenger, not the message. Depending on one's sign, and placement of Mercury in their chart, how one communicates is indicated by energies that infuse the sign, house and placement of one's natal Mercury.


(June 21st - Jul 22nd) The constellation of Cancer represents the eternal hearth; a soft place to land, and a watery bed in which we can bare our emotions, nurture ourselves, and regenerate. Cancer, the iconic crab, is fully equipped with a hard-shell --- a protective enclosure which provides the inhabitant a safe space to be vulnerable. There is nothing weak about conjuring the strength to reveal our emotions. While Cancer is often portrayed to be sensitive, there is nothing cowardly or weak about them. The sign of Cancer is a refuge; a home. Cancer naturally inhabits the fourth house, which has been marked as a point in one's astrological chart of beginnings and endings. It is the physical and spiritual home from which we venture off into the world; it is the physical and spiritual home in which we return to when we need to rejuvenate emotionally. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Other than the Sun, the Moon is and has been revered as one of the most important luminaries in our sky. The Moon controls the tides, and it is said that on a Full Moon individuals act out of balance. Perhaps if the Moon has the capacity to pull vast oceans out of sync, its effects on the human body, which is primarily made of water, do not seem so mystical and profound. Cancer rules the domain of our emotions, and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Moon, which represents the ultimate feminine Mother is no weakling. She is raw, mysterious and furious. She illuminates the dark corners of our psyche. She nurtures us, but has the capacity to violently take the very lives she created away with a single blow. Cancer seeks to balm his or her family's wounds through love, nurturing and support. He or she show their love by feeding others, and piling soft pillows and blankets around them. Food is ultimate security; which is why any Cancer knows how important food is when building a foundation for emotional health. Cancers can be moody: they wear their emotions on their sleeves, which makes them vulnerable to being hurt. Nonetheless, their own vulnerabilities can often pave the way for others to be vulnerable too. Once hurt, they'll retreat back into their shell. A Cancer will always take care of the ones they love and trust.



(July 23rd - August 22nd) Leo, King of the jungle, represents the beating heart of all that is. In Western astrology, Leo rules the heart and the Sun rules Leo. The Sun is the ultimate-life giver. The symbol of the heart, by virtue of this astrological metaphor, must then indicate its purpose in illuminating our paths towards love and happiness. Leo is animated by the dramatic life-force that believes love conquers all. They believe in happy endings and romance; and they love to be adored by others. Leos are the hopeless romantics of the zodiac. They are in love with love. They are proud, courageous, and they do everything with flair! Because a Leo desires to be loved, they also know the painful sting of rejection which is why they will avoid doing anything that might make another feel this way. A Leo will do anything for the love and adoration of their peers; which is why Leos often make great performers. They love to entertain! Leos make great leaders. They are loyal, caring, and can be very playful. They represent the deep and profound sense of happiness that we gain when we express ourselves from the heart; when we tell someone we love them; when we play; and when we laugh until our sides ache. Because Leo is one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac, they can be extremely stubborn, especially if their ego is involved. When a Leo is hurt it can take them longer to recover. Because their pride is involved in nearly everything that they do, they can be a little sensitive to criticism. Many Leos are known for their extravagant taste, frou-frou fashion, romanticism and their exquisite hair.



(August 23rd - September 22nd) 'Virgo' is a Latin word meaning 'self-contained'. Those born under this sign or with a strong Virgo influence in their chart are said to be one of the most self-sufficient signs of the zodiac. A Virgo's nurturing nature stems from a space of self-reliance; and of not needing others to take care of them. A balanced Virgo knows how to nurture others because they know how to nurture themselves. An imbalanced Virgo can overwork themselves to the point of exhaustion; always focusing on others who need help, and neglecting their own needs. Virgo holds dominion over the 6th house, which rules matters concerning our health, pets, digestion, routine, employment, hygiene, service, habits, and organization. A Virgo seeks to analyze, understand, organize, purify and perfect. These energies will manifest in a variety of ways - in one's identity, body, creativity, craft, work etc. - depending on where Virgo lands in one's natal chart. Virgos are notorious for their impeccable judgment, analytical and organizational skills. Virgo rules the part of our bodies that has to do with digestion. Why? The large intestine, spleen, lower lobes of the liver, and the pancreas is the final frontier for anything that is processed in our bodies: matter is either used or rejected as waste. These organs are metaphorical representations of how Virgo processes information. When we take information in, it needs to be broken down, sifted and sorted. Some information can be used, some is irrelevant. This same 'purifying' process often gets extended towards people, objects, homes, etc. Virgo can be overly critical, analytical, and judgemental. They seek perfection in everything that they do. An overly-critical Virgo, or, one with a negative self-view can turn this energy inwards and may be susceptible to negative self-talk, or they may downright criticize others. In their attempt to be 'perfect', a Virgo can become a slight control freak or become anxious when things don't go to plan. A Virgo must learn to use the opposite energies of Pisces, and to develop more faith in a 'cosmic' plan. When a Virgo opens themselves up to possibility by letting go of their own plan, magical opportunities can come flooding in. Virgos are highly intuitive, and attuned to the needs of the sick, elderly and helpless.



(September 23rd - October 22nd) LIBRA Libra, ruler of the 7th house of the zodiac represents balance. She lives opposite the first house of Aries --- which rules 'the self' --- and sits throne in the part of the sky which rules balance, fairness, justice, marriage, partnerships, and open enemies. Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales, which represents ultimate balance and duality. You would think that a sign which rules partnerships would be ruled by water, which represents emotion, but no. Libra is an air sign. She thinks and sees very clearly and objectively. Her judgment is not clouded by emotions and passion, or a desire for worldly securities. Rather, Libra's detached decision-making process and commitment towards the decision that's made comes from a finely tuned rational thinking process. Libra has the ability to see both sides of a situation, dilemma or an argument. This can make it more challenging for them to make a decision. Like a judge, they meticulously weight the scales with precision and scrutiny. Every thing that exists is counteracted by an opposite force. For example, masculine and feminine energy; or the duality between good an evil. In order to identify one thing, you need an opposing counterpart. We can, therefore, identify ourselves in stark contrast to our 'opposite'. Throughout this process, we can seek balance by meeting and attempting to understand how opposite energies can create balance. Libra is graceful, fair, and very diplomatic in their approach. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, ruler of love, beauty, and the creative arts. An individual with their natal Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Libra may need more balance and harmony in their life in comparison to others. They may also express the deep need and desire to pair up with others in their life, in love or in business. An unbalanced Libra can be notoriously flaky in their attempt to cater to the needs of everyone else. They may try to please and appease others and in the process forget about their own needs. Nonetheless, they make excellent negotiators, judges, and have a knack for designing beautiful, harmonious spaces.



(October 23rd - November 21st) There is no place for ego in Scorpio's domain. The intense sign of the scorpion rules death, rebirth, sex, intimacy, power, the psyche, hidden thoughts and feelings, secrets, inheritances and other people's money. Yes, Scorpio's domain is intense and her ruler - Pluto - is equally powerful and transformative. Scorpio is a water sign, and when it comes to matters of intimacy, she urges us to follow our desires to the shores of the ocean, face our fears, and dive head-first into the deep ocean of intimacy. The raw power of Scorpio is nothing to trifle with. Scorpio has the capacity to heal and regenerate others, similar to the venom found inside the stinger of a scorpion when provided in small doses. Yet, if Scorpio's energy is misused, it can paralyze, cripple, render us completely vulnerable and may even cause death. Of course, this is more of a metaphorical reference to the utter potency of Scorpio's power. While it is debated who originally spoke the words: "With great power comes great responsibility.", no truer statement could be made for Scorpio's Plutonic-energy. This kind of raw power can be used to help us face our deepest fears, venture into the farthest levels of our psyche, or, when mishandled, it can be used to destroy, manipulate and abuse. . Where Scorpio and Pluto fall in our chart indicates where our power is. With this energy we can choose to use that power for good, to help others, or we can use it to serve only our own egos. Scorpio points its stinger at our deepest fears and reveals them ruthlessly. It shows where we exert our power - and where our power has been taken from us. Scorpios like deep, dark places. In fact, they seek to penetrate areas where others may be afraid to venture. Scorpio wants intimacy; and they want it at its greatest depths. A Scorpio has intense feelings; there is no middle ground: they are in, or they are out. While Scorpios are noted as one of the most sexual signs of the Zodiac, it does not necessarily mean that they are the most promiscuous. Sex and intimacy can be deeply transformative; it provides an outlet for some of the deepest areas of the human psyche, mainly with regards to how we utilize and relinquish power. Sex can be a complex release of the hidden forces of the human mind, and this is what Scorpio is all about. It's an energy that wants us to merge with another, penetrate one another emotionally and release our ego. It's no wonder Scorpio rules our deepest fears, for what is more fearsome than the painful sting of rejection that can come with being vulnerable. Yet, once the energy of Scorpio and Pluto take hold - and once one can release their fears - a deep, transformative and life-altering change can happen. New ground is formed from the ashes of what no longer serves us. Scorpio's mission is to rise above the possible corruption of their own power - to abandon the ego - and to use their power responsibly. They can do so by using their intuition, their deep psychological understanding of others, and their remarkably intense emotions to bring forth hidden elements or fears in others that may be undermining their own power - and to help them release those elements. In order to do this, they must first recognize this process within.



(November 22nd - December 21st) Sagittarius aims his bow high, stretches back, and launches it forward. The arrow covers as much ground as the hooves of 100 wild and thunderous horses. Sagittarius seeks to roam, run and expand! There is no container for this type of energy as it is as expansive as the universe itself. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, who was also king of the Roman gods and mighty Zeus, king of the Olympians in Greek mythology. Jupiter bestows good luck and fortune. Jupiter is loud, large, jovial, just and regal. Sagittarius rules the 9th house domain of faith, higher learning, law, foreign travel, publishing, marketing, media and religion. It's no coincidence that each of these sectors have an 'expansive', 'far-reaching' element to them - much like Sagittarius does! Travelling far distances, whether physically or within the mind itself, can bring new perspectives into each of our lives. It is the kind of learning that we don't gain from primary and secondary school. No, it is a different kind of learning. Sagittarius is not about memorizing and regurgitating facts --- this energy allows us to learn through our experiences. Sagittarius drives us to dive head-first into an experience where we have the opportunity to learn about the histories, traditions, stories, legends, beliefs and cultures of others from around the world. This energy can manifest as a trip to a new country, or we may learn simply by reading a book, or hearing of someone else's adventures. We all have access to this type of expansive energy as it is through these experiences we become exposed to our own and others' humanity. Sagittarius occupies a very important step in our evolution. Sagittarius is like a surveyor who goes out and collects qualitative (not quantitative!) information. He searches for purpose, truth, faith; he searches for the intangible elements that give meaning to our lives. After wandering the world in search of these kinds of truths Sagittarius passes his knowledge to Aquarius who then seeks to transform this knowledge into ways in which we can serve humanity through science, innovation and technology. Sagittarians are known for their boundless enthusiasm, their joyful nature and their desire for adventure! They love to explore and share their insight with others. This doesn't always mean that their insights fit with everyone else's belief systems, which may lead Sagittarius to challenges when it comes to imposing their beliefs on others. A balanced Sag will often do the right, just and most merciful thing when faced with tough decisions. They make impeccable philosophers, authors, publishers, lawyers, and religious authorities, and their proverbial search for truth wisdom have the capacity to help many.



(December 22nd - January 19th) Capricorn climbs and Capricorn achieves. If you have ever climbed a mountain then you know the sheer discipline, perseverance, strength, calculation and faith it takes to make it to the top. There is nothing easy when it comes to scaling a mountain, which is why Capricorn takes his or her journey very seriously. They know that nothing great comes without hard work, discipline, and of course, sacrifice. Capricorn`s ruler Saturn is the ultimate energy of the patriarch. In Western astrology Saturn is understood as the the taskmaster, timekeeper and disciplinary. He gives form, structure and support to everything that exists in the material realm. Saturn rules our skin, teeth and bones, time, karma, the father, and responsibility. Ultimately, Saturn rules structure. If we did not have structure, things would simply fall apart. While it can restrict us at times, we need structure to bring form and function here in the material realm. Saturn is not the willow; he is the strong, unyielding oak. Capricorns do not mess around. Rather, seek to build structures in their life that will not falter. Whatever Capricorn builds in his or her lifetime will stand the test of time. With Capricorn, quality rules over quantity. Most often Capricorn is serious in their demeanor. However, they have a wicked sense of humor, they are steadfast and protective of the ones they love. They like to take their time in matters of the heart, but once they carefully select their partners and commit, they are in it for the long-haul. Capricorn is an Earth-sign. They are grounded and practical, and they have a very strong work-ethic. Rarely do they fall for pie-in-the-sky schemes. Often, Capricorn`s maintain the energy of a stern `father-figure`pushing themselves and others to work harder than any other sign. They are pure and untapped potential. They certainly take on their fair-share of responsibility, and may even be forced to abandon their childhood earlier than their peers. Capricorns are high-achievers, and can be overly critical of themselves. Capricorn`s glyph is the Sea-Goat, an archetype which represents Capricorn`s ability to occupy both a material plane and a deep emotional and spiritual one. The water-element to the Sea-Goat`s nature represents the realm of emotion. If Earth represents the material-realm, and water represents an emotional, spiritual one, then Capricorn suggests that material accolades and achievements are only valuable when they originate from a space of deep spiritual value. In other words, Capricorn teaches us that if we are to climb any metaphorical mountain our lives, then the reward at the summit better be worth it. Before we invest hard work, discipline, time and sacrifice, we must know ourselves at the deepest core of our being so that we may use discernment when choosing which mountain to climb. If we do not, we may be left with a hollow victory. Capricorn embodies this very psychic process and experience we must all go through. If we play by Saturn`s rules, he`ll bestow an unwavering sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.



(January 20th - February 18th) Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and although his glyph, the water-bearer, might suggest that he is a water sign, he is actually an air sign that showcases the power of thought and its ability to remedy human suffering through ideas and scientific breakthrough. Aquarius brings forth water for the whole of humanity to drink as he his highly concerned with the affairs of humanity, progress, and technological advancement that improves the lives of others. Aquarians are by nature humanitarians. However, given that Aquarius is an air sign, this suggests that his humanitarian efforts don`t necessarily stem from an emotional root, rather, a logical one. Aquarians are inventors! Like a scientist or an engineer, they rely on deductive thinking, logical analysis, and factual evidence when making decisions. Like a bolt of electricity they can come up with the most inventive ideas and theories. Aquarius`ruler Uranus is electric and revolutionary. Uranus seeks to break down any outdated methods and break away from oppressive structures. Much like an Aquarius, Uranus vehemently despises `authority for authority`s sake`. So much so that an Aquarius will unconsciously do what they can to reject `the system`. Many Aquarians express this defiant part of their personality by sporting purple hair or tattoos. Yet, unlike Aquarius`opposite sign Leo, an Aquarius does not fashionably sport a different appearance to fuel their own ego. Rather, an Aquarian may simply shock others only to prove the point that you cannot judge a book by its colour and that despite one`s appearance, every living thing deserves fair and equal treatment. While they can be rather detached from their own emotions, Aquarians are sensitive to human suffering. They are also incredibly strong thinkers. Their ideas can be shocking, revolutionary and progressive (sometimes ahead of their time). Many individuals born under the sign of Aquarius are highly rational thinkers. This can make them seem rather detached from their emotions. It`s not that an Aquarius does not feel, it`s that more often than not they process their emotions through their mind, rather than their body. In fact, understanding their emotions is a critical step when it comes to processing them. Other than Virgo and Gemini, Aquarius is the only other constellation in the zodiac which is represented by a human figure. This is particularly important, as an Aquarius truly embodies some of the major elements which separate humans from animals, including distinguished mental abilities such as: generative computation, promiscuous combination of ideas, mental symbols which form complex systems of language and communication, and abstract thought or contemplation of things beyond what we can sense. Aquarius is far less primal than some of the other zodiac signs. Aquarians keep the world turning in a forward motion. They ensure that we never stay stagnant. They bravely promote new in favor of old despite the resistance they face. They help us to tear down the ways of the old so that human kind can progress in a way which leaves less and less space for destructive egocentric behavior. Aquarius represents the final grip that we all have before we let go and drift into the ethereal, dreamy and boundless realm of Pisces.



(February 19th - March 20th) Pisces holds dominion over the 12th and final house of the zodiac. The 12th house rules the deep oceans of our subconscious, intuition, our dreams, unconditional love, drugs, alcohol, escapism, self-undoing, our inner-journey, spirituality, sacrifice, parts of ourselves that we keep hidden, helping others, music, compassion, oneness, karmic release, hidden enemies, hospitals, prisons, and solitary confinement. There's no denying it, Piscean waters run deep and it is said that the energy of Pisces brings together all of the energies of the Zodiac. Pisces are so intuitive that they can pinpoint and locate very deeply hidden truths in others. They truly love unconditionally. The boundaries between them and others is so thin, in fact, that many Pisces see everything and everyone as part of the same cosmic fabric. What a beautiful attribute! Yet, in a world where people are very prone to abusing one another and only thinking of themselves, Pisces can be seriously abused emotionally, mentally, psychologically and even physically. Just because a Pisces works from an unconditionally loving space does not mean that everyone else has the same intent. Pisces is evolved. They can be burned by others who have not yet let go of their ego. A Pisces skin is like water. They are masters over the land of dreams, creativity and possibility. Pisces is a conduit for sacred mysteries, esoteric teachings, and spiritual principals. As one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac they are prone to feeling everything on such a deep level. They feel the highest of highs and they feel the lowest of lows when it comes to the human experience. This quality feeds their compassion, but feeling the pain and suffering of others can take its toll. This can make Pisces prone to feeling a desperate need to escape the devastating and utterly crippling grip of human pain. They may seek out drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication to numb this energy. It is certainly a heavy cross to bear. However, when Pisces can master this energy, they have the ability to heal themselves and others in such profound ways. First, they must dive deep into their own emotional depths, bring to light their pain, and give it to the universe.

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