'Amounting To Something': A Brief Look At Capricorn

We all walk a fine line between desire and self-control. Myths from ancient cultures around the world speak of an elusive ‘Devil' figure that seeks to tempt us by offering a taste of what we lust for the most. This figure is closely related to the sign of Capricorn, "Satan" (Saturn) - the sign associated with ‘success’ and ‘career’ in modern astrology. The ‘Devil’ offers that which we believe we cannot live without. It can be success, wealth, love and anything we can become addicted to. It appears that he offers the temptation of having something for little effort. He is known to "tempt and capture" by offering that which we desire the most for very little in return. He offers a swift and easy deal. Who doesn’t want that? But it's never that easy. Once the handshake is made, now the Devil owns you. He captures the soul of the captive and drags him/her down into a cold underworld; the world between ‘here and there’ where the captive will walk for eternity, empty and aimless. The 'Devil' is a projection of the Ego interacting with these energies. The Ego puts us at the center of our own universe. It wants it all for nothing.


Many people do not know this, but the astrological symbol for the sign of Capricorn is often associated with ‘Satan’ (Saturn its ruling planet). Capricorn though is represented by the Sea Goat. The animalistic/materialistic/desire to consume, climb and achieve is represented by the goat. The spiritual aspect of this sign is represented through its ability to swim through the realm of the psyche. His mastery over the material and the spiritual is what makes Capricorn successful. Though the cryptic symbol is often overlooked through artistic interpretations of Capricorn, it offers valuable insight into unlocking the chains of attachment formed by our desire for aspects of the material world. In fact, preceding Capricorn is Sagittarius and Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that best represents ‘desire’. Scorpio, however, is not an Earth sign. It is a water sign, which may indicate that the root of all desires are emotional in nature. We cannot achieve without desire. To best serve humanity, we cannot allow desire to run rampant without the tempering sobriety of Capricorn. In order to truly discover that which one 'desires' (Scorpio), ultimately leading to their 'purpose' (Sagittarius), they must dissolve the ego (die) in order to gain access to the deep, psychological waters of Scorpio. Here is where we find the real treasures we seek. Here is where we find the key to the drive we need to put in the time, effort and work required by Capricorn to fulfill and manifest our purpose in life.


Unfortunately, we are never afforded the luxury of skipping steps. Though we may be tempted to (here comes that ol' devil again) we will swiftly learn that all that is gilded is not gold. Not all deals are good. Saturn rewards hard work, patience and dedication. The astrological signs represent a cosmic clock, a process of initiation, archetypes who will lead us down the rabbit hold of self-discovery and mastery. Each component serves the whole of the astrological wheel. Capricorn will not allow you to pass unless you’ve discovered the secrets of all preceding signs. It is all-too-easy to become consumed by that which we believe is 'desirable'. Ironically, if we do not do the inner-work, that is - dissolving the ego to discover what it is that we truly desire - then the consumer can easily become the consumed. They will be tempted to chase illusions and pour energy into that which yields little spiritual return except for the realization that they've given up far more than they bargained. What they thought would 'fill' them, dries their cup. Thus, the forgotten watery-aspect of the sign of Capricorn suggests that when we pour our heart and soul into that which offers spiritual fulfillment one's cup will never dry.


No friends, Capricorn isn't about finding a path to get your money. It is about aligning with your true purpose in life, plucking it out of the ethereal, and manifesting the shit out of it. It is about developing the highest aspects of your being to serve humanity. Know that if you haven't yet discovered what 'it' is yet, that's is OK. You're on the path. You're peeling back layers of the self that were formed through years of childhood conditioning. You're not behind. You are being initiated into deeper aspects of yourself through all of the beautiful cycles you're experiencing (or are about to experience).


Ask yourself, “Who or what do you allow to enslave you?” It is only by understanding this deep aspect of yourself can you gain power over it. We must learn the difference between what beckons, and what calls. We must pour our energy into that which stands the test of time. Don't. Skip. Steps. With Saturn, time is always on your side. Too many of us are scrambling to find out ‘what our purpose is’. Maybe you don’t know because at this time you’re not meant to know. Trust in the process. So long as you are working on yourself, that time will come. You might be twenty, or forty, or eighty when you discover this. It doesn’t matter. Stop worrying. Take the time to do the inner-work first. Lay your foundations. Discover the deepest aspects of yourself before you rush into making decisions about what you need to do with your life.