Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (Blood Moon)

Full Moons are the high tide of power, amplifying and creative. It is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

Making this eclipse-time sacred does not involve any particular ritual or ceremony. As these energies begin to manifest around each of us, we can draw upon the power of the Full Moon with loving attention, space for intentions, and prayers. Making the moon cycles sacred is a beautiful, alchemical journey. In astrology, it is a potent time to work through some of our blockages, as Full Moons are believed to draw up energies that we have a tendency to repress, but in actuality, dominate our conscious thought and behavior.

The energy of Aquarius Full Moon speaks to the individual and authentic nature of every human being as they stand within the collective. The sign highlights our higher mental capacities, and urges us to question the world around us. It is the humanitarian sign, who will start a revolution to elevate the marginalized.
Aquarius is eccentric, electric and shocking. Under this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) we must embrace these qualities in ourselves no matter the social judgement we believe we may face.
In the other corner, directly opposing the Aquarius Moon, we have the Sun in its home sign of Leo. Leo is our heart chakra. Leo stands within the power of her/his own being. They are the flame and inspiration for love and manifesting our destiny.
The Aquarius/Leo axis brings together a collection of inspiring ideas that seldom see the light of day. Without Leo, Aquarius' ideas can be discouraged by cynicism and a lack of inspiration to materialize them. Leo without Aquarius demonstrates a lot of well-intended and romantic ideas that fail to materialize because of a lack of maturity and/or foresight. 
Powerful things can come to fruition when we can bring together the heart (Leo) and the mind (Aquarius).
So go ahead.
Ask yourself.
How can I be more authentic to who I am?
Consider the defining moments in your life where you decided (or were forced) to be somebody you're not, to hide your light, and to become just like everybody else? Full moon urges us to let the fear of being an individual get in the way of manifesting destiny. It encourages you to actively engage in being your true and authentic self. Do what sets your soul on fire; do it your way.
Sun / Moon / Rising 
Aries: I seek individual self expression within the group I belong to.
Taurus: I seek to authentically express myself in the outer world while maintaining a secure and safe inner-world.
Gemini: I seek to explore aspects of my higher mind while employing practical application of my beliefs.
Cancer: I seek authentic expression and freedom in my most intimate relationships whilst seeking security through love and commitment.
Leo: I seek a partnership that is mutually supportive of individual expression and freedom, whilst honoring commitment.
Virgo: I seek to free my daily routine so that I may support my spiritual development and access the things that light my soul on fire.
Libra: I seek authenticity in my creative projects while balancing the needs of the group in which I surround myself.
Scorpio: I seek to balance my need to safely express my true self: to mediate who I am at home and in my public sphere.
Sagittarius: I seek to revolutionize how I communicate and express myself through the new perspectives I have gained. 
Capricorn: I seek to detach my understanding of self-worth in relation to money by understanding what it is I truly desire in my heart.
Aquarius: I seek the freedom to express myself fully and wholly; while honoring and supporting my closest partnerships.
Pisces: I seek to open up my consciousness and allow inspiration to free-flow; I seek to balance a need for routine and planning with my faith in that things will all work out.
-Good Vibes Only