Taurus Full Moon October 24, 2018 - Self-Love, Respect & Honour; These Are Your Treasures

Take a minute to read this if you’re feeling the effects of this Taurus Full Moon. This Full Moon is an auspicious one for so many reasons. First o...

New Moon in Libra, October 9th 2018: Speak in Accordance With Your Own Truth & Judgement

New Moon in Libra October 9, 2018: Our Moon is in Libra - that sign of beauty, love, diplomacy and harmony. Libra speaks to the relationships that we hold, with ourself and those integrated in such a way that define our sense of self.T

Full Moon in Aries September 24, 2018

Full Moon in Aries September 24, 2018: The sign of Aries has a passion that few can rival. It's energy carries with it a flint to set fire to your wildest dreamsThe planet of war, desire, action and energy; Aries' catalytic power can be destructive and regenerative.

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus: Expect the Unexpected.

Uranus Square Mars September 2018: We are the storytellers of our own lives, carving paths from belief structures, memories, and life experiences. Many of us grip tightly to imagined notions of what we think our lives should look like. We anticipate major life events will fall in perfect sequence as the clock ticks. 

Jupiter Sextile Pluto: A Cosmic Revamp

Jupiter sextile Pluto: We are in the last of three Jupiter in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn transits. Jupiter and Pluto will not meet again until their conjunction in Capricorn in 2020. We must savor this empowering transit. 

Neptune Opposite Sun, September 7, 2018

With this transit you might feel yourself getting swallowed up in Neptune’s allure, the planet of dreams, illusions, cosmic-oneness and the etherea...

Saturn Goes Direct September 6th, 2018

The great timekeeper Saturn moves forward in the sign of Capricorn on September 6, 2018 after having spent nearly five months in retrograde.

'Amounting To Something': A Brief Look At Capricorn

No friends, Capricorn isn't about finding a path to get your money. It is about aligning with your true purpose in life, plucking it out of the ethereal, and manifesting the shit out of it. It is about developing the highest aspects of your being to serve humanity. Know that if you haven't yet discovered what 'it' is yet, that's is OK. You're on the path. You're peeling back layers of the self that were formed through years of childhood conditioning. You're not behind. You are being initiated into deeper aspects of yourself through all of the beautiful cycles you're experiencing or are about to experience.

New Moon in Leo August 11, 2018 - Do What Sets Your Soul On Fire

On August 11, 2018 the Sun and Moon will unite for a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in the fiery sign of Leo. As with any New Moon, we are given t...

Mercury Retrograde August 2018 - Now Is The Time To Choose You.

At some point in each of our lives we must face up to the poor decisions we’ve made. We must accept the truths of our actions and hold ourselves ac...

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (Blood Moon)

Full Moons are the high tide of power, amplifying and creative. It is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in...

Jupiter Goes Direct! July 9, 2018

Jupiter goes direct July 2018! Jupiter is the largest of all the planets, aptly reflecting its principle of drawing us towards a sense of fullness and offering a grander, more expansive vision of reality...