You've Got To Look It Look It Dead In The Eye. How The New Moon In Cancer Affected Me...

Yesterday’s New Moon felt more like a Full Moon. Though it certainly wasn’t as abrupt as a Full Moon transit, it had its effect. I didn’t realize it but the New Moon fell in the area of my chart that has to do with community and it opposed Pluto in my house of creative projects. We launched last week. In all honesty, I’ve worked in public relations for several years and I have always supported ‘other’ businesses, projects and community events. Why is it so much easier to support someone other than yourself? This was the first time I launched something that reflected ‘me’. Whoah. If you’ve ever put yourself ‘out there’ in a new way, you’ll know the feeling.

Typically, New Moons are about new beginnings, fresh starts, but yesterday I had this subtle fear come up. I thought to myself “What if it doesn’t work out?” I felt totally exposed. I think a lot of people who create something and share it with, well, anyone, have this feeling surface. ESPECIALLY if what they create is somehow abstract to who that person is in their everyday life. And there it was. My sense of inner-security (Cancer) versus my public image (Capricorn). Insert transformational Pluto. He’s the pink elephant in the room. You know it’s there, but you’re not talking about it. Pluto makes you talk about it. He brings it up to the surface. You’ve got to “Look it dead in the eye.” @saltwater_heals_tarot

The New Moon in Cancer subtly brought up a few insecurities that in the past would have held me back from being able to express myself - fully.

If you’re feeling any insecurities coming up at this time, know that Pluto is doing his work. Allow yourself to sit in it. I encourage you to follow each feeling to its furthest conclusion. You may find it cathartic, empowering and even transformational. Don't let your fears or self-doubts get in the way of doing you, boo.