The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

The Earth has music for those who listen. Just over a year ago we moved house. I moved from the heart of a city to a less hurried home on the side of a mountain. The impact it has had on my life has been transformative. At first, a kind of detox had to happen. While I’m sure my body was ridding itself of certain pollutions, something much deeper started to take place, a sort of ‘sinking into the pulse of the mountain’. Nature is powerful. It is creative, empowering, and intelligent on a level I cannot comprehend. All I can say is if you get the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time in nature, and allow yourself some time to detox from all of the hustle and bustle that is life … a very interesting thing happens. Nature speaks. You begin to see: the cycles, the interconnectedness of it all. You develop a deeper respect for the animals who exist within it; their medicine; their psychic antennae and the ‘life-death-life’ cycle that we vehemently avoid...the perpetual changes. I encourage you to pay closer attention to nature. I promise you, it speaks.
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A Special Thanks:
Many of our images were taken on Sema:th First Nation land. The Sema:th people were known as the fierce wolf people and were a part of the larger Stό:lō Nation. 
Thank you.