Morning Meditation: Written By Telia Hsieh

Morning Meditation:

Written by Telia Hsieh, @tinymoonspells 

"It is not an easy task when the universe asks of us to redefine how we see love and how we see self.

Aspects of your life may seem unclear; as if you are fumbling through the night – find your integrity in the darkness.

Running for quick answers or tidy definitions will only hold you in this place.

Breathe in and allow the wind to move fresh air into your fears, so that you can see them more fully and completely; and learn to love their origins. Self-Love is a constant exploration of paper-thin subtleties.

Stay mindful of your thoughts and present in your body; allow your heart to speak, even if only a whisper. Be sad if you are sad; be happy if you are happy. You aren’t expected to feel anything other than what you feel in this very moment.

And in the darkness, you may be visited by the stirrings of doubt, questioning your efforts, asking you back into the past; be comforted in the reality that we all experience these moments. This is human; this is part of the process. The very fact that it is your past means so much about where you are right now.

The journey to self-love is long and one that you started so many years ago. No wonder you are already doing it so well." - Telia Hsieh, Tiny Moon Spells (@tinymoonspells)

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